E Squared SoundSafe MLV Acoustic Barrier

The Highest Fire Rated MLV On The Market is Now Available From E Squared Technical Textiles.

Released in 2023, after years of research, engineering and development our new ULC S102 and ASTM E84 Class A fire rated material is now best in class.

The 1 lb. MLV has passed the spread of flame and smoke density test associated with ULC and ASTM fire rating. E2 SoundSafe® ULTRA is proudly manufactured in Hillside, NJ, U.S.A in a variety of widths up to 120”. Up until now, only MLV that was foiled back or specially coated was able to pass these tests. With the improvement of chemistry and diligent development we have developed a product that meets and surpass the requirements. The polyester reinforcement associated with all SoundSafe® products makes it ideal for applications where it will be hung both vertically or horizontally.

The reinforcing technology makes it the most tear resistant product on the market.

SoundSafe® ULTRA has been a product in development for the last few years, and was specifically developed for use in large soft walled sound stages where noise blocking technology is needed and stringent fire codes need to be met” Said the COO, Michael Satz. “This is the first of many finalized developments we expected to be making this year so please stay tuned” Quipped the proud COO.

26509 E Squared MLV infographic 1