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CTS Global is an international manufacturer’s representative serving multiple business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers across the United States, with a focus on the New England region concentrating on Newport County, RI and the SouthEast Coast of MA.

CTS Global represents such diverse product lines as:

Advanced Textiles Association

Advanced Textile Association is a member-driven trade association representing the Specialty Fabrics and Technical Textiles Industry.

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Kinon Surface Design

Kinon Surface Design’s focus is creating luxury, functional, and efficient cabinetry solutions that meet specific needs including kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, TV units, consoles, night stands, tables, wall panels, and much more.

Marldon Group Ltd

Marldon Group Ltd, a world-renowned supplier for companies that manufacture and supply equipment for the wire, cable & tube industry. CTS Global specializes in Marldon’s Air Wipes, Chalkers & Traverses.

SoundSafe Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)

SoundSafe Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) a leader in soundproofing material fabrication used to reduce noise transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings.

Westinghouse Electric Heaters

Westinghouse Electric Heaters, the worldwide company’s selection of high-performance outdoor heating products for residential and industrial customers including: electric freestanding heaters, propane freestanding heaters, electric wall mounted heaters, and electric hanging heaters.

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XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp.

XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp., a North American leader in the ice melting industry, since 1986, offering customers several lines of high-quality environmentally friendly ice melters and deicers that are organic, “green” and pet-friendly safe.

CTS Global provides manufacturers a cost-effective way to leverage expertise that would not be nearly as effective or affordable with full-time employees.

As a manufacturer’s representative and manufacturer’s agent, CTS Global can save manufacturer’s considerable expense over having a direct employee sales force. CTS Global provides manufacturer’s expertise in their product line knowledge coupled with considerable local market knowledge to maximize sales through product distribution and targeted agent representative ordering. Even if a manufacturer has a narrow or very vertically targeted product line, CTS Global can bundle them with other CTS Global represented product lines for better distribution, visibility, sales and cost-efficiencies.

CTS Global, Member of


To ensure all opportunities for distribution and growth, CTS Global is a member and leader in key trade associations – Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA) & Advanced Textile Association (ATA). Membership in these worldwide organizations, as well as others on regional and local levels, ensures CTS Global provides its represented clients with key advantages for continued sales growth.


As a long-term member of MANA (Manufacturers’ Agents National Association), CTS Global adheres to the organization’s promotion of harmonious professional integrity and profitability between agents and manufacturing principles. With CTS Global, all parties involved are assured of receiving MANA’s principles of fair and equitable treatment. MANA has become known as the One Association For All Agents and Manufacturers and CTS Global prides itself as being a part of MANA’s strength.


Through membership in ATA (Advanced Textiles Association), CTS Global opens new market opportunities that influence the short and long-term prosperity of the manufacturers it represents in the textiles industry. With ATA’s introduction to innovative products, services, relevant education, promotion, and networking, CTS Global is best positioned to drive the business growth manufacturers seek in the United States.

CTS Global

CTS Global’s deep roots and local market connectivity extend well beyond being manufacturer’s representatives.

CTS Global is a leader in community education, technical training – including Rotary International, STEM programs and advocacy for the disabled. To further it’s education advancement efforts, CTS Global works closely with state and local leaders to fund these types of programs. With numerous awards and accolades, CTS Global is proud of its continuing community leadership.