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where building relationships between manufacturers, retailers and end-users is our expertise.

With its multiple level market knowledge, CTS Global serves as the liaison to open new avenues for promoting and selling. We help expand reach, increase profits, save time and money for all involved. As manufacturers’ representatives, CTS Global creates opportunities for a variety of domestic U.S. & International brands including:

United States

Kinon Surface Design  Furniture and custom cabinetry

SoundSafe – Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) sound barriers

Westinghouse – Electric space heaters


Marldon Group (U.K.) – Suppliers of machinery for the cable, wire & tube industries

XYNYTH Manufacturing (N.A./Can) – Green-Friendly Ice-Melters/Deicers

CTS Global, as an independent representative, is well-versed in the nuances of manufacturers’ industries, their target audiences, customer needs and the competitive landscapes for increased sales margins.

With its multiple trade association leadership positions & relationships including MANA (Manufacturer’s Agents National Association), ATA (Advanced Textiles Association) and others, CTS Global has the pulse of manufacturers’ industries and ever-evolving potential.

CTS Global

Our function is

offering a domestic point of contact to facilitate the customer relationship.

We do not hold stock, which is shipped directly to customers from the manufacturers.

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