Purchasing a Marldon Unit

If you wish to place an order:

What we do: •Offer quotations & liaise with you
•Accept your order & forward to Marldon on your behalf
What Marldon does: • Acknowledge your order directly by email
• Ship the goods directly to you
• Invoice you directly & provide their bank details
• Receive your payment directly in due course

If there are any discussions required we, as locally based representatives, will work with you.

PLACE AN ORDER: Please email us with your requirements, taking into account
the following instructions.

Airwipes: No specific instruction.
However, if taking a “wheel type” design (model 688,
674 or 685) you may wish to specify the direction of
cable travel relative to the airwipe so the item is preconfigured
to your requirement. By default, models are
assembled for “bracket entry”.

Traverse Unit: Download full guidance on traverse selection here
Please download this pdf to specify:
  a) shaft rotation required (TT or TA?)
  b) dimensions (if ordering a complete assembly)
  c) email it back to ChrisS@CTSGlobal.com

** Note: Quotations & invoices are made in $USD