Marldon's Competitive Advantage

  • Marldon Airwipes
    Marldon airwipes all offer the facility to vary the cable path orifice diameter thus allowing one airwipe to cater for a range of cables with equal efficiency for each diameter cable. This contrasts with other manufacturer's products which usually offer fixed diameter orifices which means that a different unit will be needed to accomodate EACH cable diameter. With Marldon you only need one unit to cover the whole range of diameters.

    For high speed airwiping, the Marldon model 838 is the only airwipe to break the surface tension of the water during the drying process - increasing efficiency.

  • Marldon Traverse Units
    The unique Marldon system has two unique features which overcome the inherent weaknesses in alternative suppliers’ designs.

    ★ Solid one-piece housing with fixed, load carrying bushings fitted onto the shaft.

    ★ A driving system independent of the housing.

    The combination of these features acts to separate the two functions of a traverse unit, the functions of load bearing and driving. Consequently the performance of the Marldon traverse is not affected by external masses carried upon it as any loads are transmitted through the housing onto the load carrying bushes and hence onto the shaft, putting no stress on the internal rolling bearing mechanism. Consistent even performance is assured. (Competitors’ designs must use the internal bearing mechanism to carry the unit and externally imposed loads - leading to increased wear and variable, load-dependent, performance).

    ★ Additionally, and very importantly, the Marldon design means that the unit remains stable longitudinally. (Competing designs must “float” around the shaft leading to a rocking action (or loss of traction if vibration is present) which can result in loss of precision and variation in side thrust).