• Adjustable Orifice Models – 688 / 674 / 685
    Material: Stainless steel.
    Each model has 2 wheels, each with a groove of increasing depth cut around the circumference. The wheels are marked with diameter indications around the circumference to facilitate setting the airwipe for the appropriate cable diameter being processed. These indications are the largest cable diameter at that setting ( not the orifice diameter ). Each wheel is rotated (and then fixed) so that the markings on the circumference match at the point of contact between the 2 wheels. This indication specifies the cable diameter which will dry through this orifice setting. The wheels index into fixed positions. The design gives a 360°, surround air jet, which is directed slightly upstream. Air only exits at the position where the cable passes through. One wheel is mounted on a hinged “floating” bracket which enables it to ride over knots or lumps.
  • High Speed Model 838
    Material: Aluminium & ceramic.
    Model, comprises an upper and lower section, with 9 air jets. Each section is fitted with ceramic protectors to prevent wear as the cable contacts the airwipe. Contact is intended as it facilitates water removal. The upper and lower sections are designed with exit vents to allow removed water to escape. The upper and lower halves are hinged and kept together by a spring, allowing the airwipe to open as necessary for the passage of knots and lumps. The airwipe is fitted with simple adjustment to modify the distance between the two sections to allow optimum settings for the cable diameter.
  • Adjustable Post Model 115 / 150
    Material: Stainless steel & brass.
    Two tubes are supported on hinged arms. Each tube comprises a central tube and an outer sleeve. The inner tube has an air exit slot (either 115mm or 150mm long) pointing towards the opposite tube. The outer sleeve has 4 slots, one slot at each 90° position around the sleeve. These slots are of different lengths and the required slot length for the cable diameter is chosen by rotating the sleeve. The tube support arms can be adjusted to rest at the customer's chosen width apart, but are spring loaded to open wider and then return to rest to allow the passage of knots and lumps. A support roller is provided to carry the larger cables used on this size airwipe.